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Bangkok - The Last Couple of Days

A Perfect End to a Wonderful Holiday - The Final Entry

sunny 35 °C

Wow we we have been non stop, hardly seen any of our hotel in Bangkok.

Currently in the BA lounge at Bangkok Airport & feeling a bit depressed at the thought of returning home. We both think that returning to Bangkok was the highlight of our trip and wish we could have spent longer here.

We love Thailand, really do, the people are so friendly, the place has a real buzz about it - it really does, learning about the culture, the atmosphere, there is so much to see and do. The only thing we dont like about it is that taxi drivers insist on ripping you off - however we have found that the public transport is very good!!!!

Penultimate Day

Yesterday we had quite a relaxing moring as we were meeting Wichan & his family - Angela's Thai friend through dog showing.


We had a later breakfast, watching the world go by infront of our eyes, with views across the river - there is so much going on in that river.

Wichan & his family came to meet us, it was lovely to see him again & catch up on all the news. Quite a shock to see how much his son has grown. They took us to a very large shopping mall, I got some nice hair things. Then we went for lunch, which was very nice - Chinese!!!!!


He then took us to our old time favourite - Bangkok's largest outdoor market. It was chaotic to say the least...... however the bargains you get, things are at least a 10th of the price as you would pay in a shop....... I bought lots of Cushion Covers for our new house, all different colours & a stuffed Elephant!!!! We also bought lots of DVDS all the new releases. Checked a few of them out at the hotel & they work, so thats good news.


Then in order to avoid the busy, manic Bangkok traffic, Ian suggested we got the Sky Train back alone, I was a bit aprehensive about this. However, the journey which took us nearly 2 hours on the way going, only took 30 minutes returning. My husband has such a good sense of direction, I would never have been able to get us back - it is just such a breeze to him! Unfortunately we did not have time to go back to the hotel and get changed. So we had to head straight for dinner!!!!

ugh..... I was not too comfortable with going out and not being able to get changed. However, the views that awaited us were awesome & I soon forgot about not being in clean clothes. We had a fantastic dinner at Vertigo again & just sat and took everything in. We had a 7 course dinner, however I could not manage all my food, so Ian had to give a help in hand!!!!! :-)


After dinner we went to Patpong & what an eye opener this was......... will say no more on the subject! Bought a few bits and pieces at the market.

Our Last Day

So onto today, up early again! Ian got up early to go and buy a new bag to put all our purchases into whilst Angela relaxed (slept!!!) back at the hotel . Then we took a river boat up the Chao Phraya river. Its amazing, the river here is so lively and so much going on - we just love it.


We then had a nice lunch at a hotel Ian stayed at years ago, walked down Koh San Road, which again had an amazing buzz about it.


Then more beauty treatments - ugh we got so much value for money. Me: Pedicure, French Manicure, Eyebrow Wax, Foot Massage & Back massage cost 10 pounds, now that really is value for money. I could have stayed in this place all day and had loads of treatments, unfortunately time would not allow this.


We then headed up Koh San Road, bought a few more items. Had some street food - yes "Angela" ate street food - see I am not that much of a snob........ :-) and to be quite honest the people selling the food on the streets were spotless & I really enjoyed it, would never have eaten it otherwise. We had Phad Thai - a typical Thai noodle dish which cost a whole 30p for a portion.


We then finished off dinner with a banana and chocolate crepe - cooked again on the street in front of us - again for the princely sum of 30p.


Headed back to hotel along the river again, and it was so nice to go along the river and see it by night! Had a shower, then a few cocktails on the terrace of our hotel & said goodbye to Bangkok :-(



We have ended up with a lot of luggage - more than we could have imagined - and luckily we seem to have got away without paying for any excess- the BA Gold Card and Club tickets seem to have paid off.


We then took a hotel Limo & they looked after us so well, we did not even have to lift a bag...... and the Penninsular Hotel had a porter at the airport who took all our luggage to the BA desk to check us in and then escorted us to the immigration desk. You definitely get service with a smile here.

For us being back in Thailand was definately the highlight of our trip, there is always so much to do and see here, we love the buzz about the place. Every time you return, everything looks so different. We really had a fablous trip.

So over the next few days, I shall upload MUCH MUCH MUCH more photographs onto OFOTO to bore you all with.

Can't wait to catch up with every one again. This is the last entry of this blog as we are back to work tomorrow - land at 6am and then both of us are into work. Oh My God... Hope you've enjoyed it.

Angela and Ian

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Bangkok Day 1

Wandering Around

sunny 35 °C

We got up this morning to hot and humid weather, with a fabulous view across Bangkok and the Chao Phraya River from our Balcony.


After breakfast on the Hotel River Veranda we took the Hotel Ferry across the river to the Oriental Pier where picked up a tuk tuk - one of the famous Bangkok motorbike/car taxi things - to take us on a hour's tour around the city for the princely price of 60 Baht - just under a pound at the current exchange rate. We went through China Town, around the Hualumpong Central Railway Station, Past Wat Trimit with the Golden Buddha statue, and then past the National Stadium and then all the way down Sukhumvit Road - the equivalent of Princes St in Edinburgh or Oxford St in London. Admittedly the tuk-tuk driver did try and get us to go shopping at his 'favourite' tailor and gem shop along the way, but we must have disappointed him as we didn't buy anything.


We then went to an old favourite resturant of ours, Lemongrass, on Sukhumvit Soi 24 for lunch. Both of us had been here before on previous visits and it didn't disappoint this time. They still had Ian's favourite dish on the menu - one he has been trying to get hold of the recipe for since his first visit to Bangkok - Yam Moo Pan - a dish of very thinly fried pork with lemongrass, ginger, oyster sauce and salad. Luckily this time the chef wrote down the recipe so I guess that Angela will be trying to cook it once we move into our new house.


After lunch we staggered rather full up Soi 24 for around 100 meters before collapsing into the nearest massage parlour. There seem to be massage places everywhere in Bangkok, and it certainly isn't expensive. We had a reiki foot massage, back and shoulder massage, a pedicure and manicure and a facial - which came to a total of £15 for 2 1/2 hours for both of us. It nicely set us up to get on with the rest of the afternoon.


We then walked along pretty much the full length of Sukhumvit Road visiting all the shops along the way, which range from small, local shops to massive glass malls with every western brand you can think of. In a very restrained manner we decided against any purchases - mainly because of the difficulties in squeezing anything more into our luggage allowance - what with BA and their new rules forbidding you to take anything more than a single small suitcase (down to 23kg from the 32kg per bag it used to be) before you get hit with a massive excess baggage fee even in Club Class.



We then headed back to the Hotel to get ready for dinner - and got the full Bangkok Taxi experience. Bangkok taxi drivers are the worst in the world, without exception in our experience. Firstly they don't like using the meter - always try and quote a price around 4x the going rate. Then they don't take you where you want to go. On our way to dinner we went through 5 taxi drivers. One tried to charge 300 baht for a 60 baht journey, one said he didn't know where it was, even though we had it on a map, and directions were written by the hotel conceirge in Thai, one took us, but then claimed the roads were too busy and we should go to a different resturant. When we said we didn't want to go to a different resturant, he took us to his friend's resturant anyway and then refused to go any further - we didn't pay him the full fare. We then got anothe taxi driver who refused to go to the right place as the traffic was too busy and he didn't want to go there.


Eventually we walked for around 20mins in the heat towards the resturant and then got another taxi who would take us...but we only had a few mins further to go. All in all we were an hour late for dinner, despite having left half an hour early, although all the taxi fares in total didn't get over £5. Angela did get a little testy however.

We then had dinner at Baan Khanitha, which has a reputation as the best Thai resturant in Thailand. It was very nice but was obviously a westerner hangout as virtually all the patrons were not local.


After that we went for drinks at Vertigo Bar - at the top of the Banyan Tree Hotel - on the 60th Floor. Unlike Vertigo in London which is completely enclosed, this one is not enclosed at all, with only narrow rails around the edges, and a 60 storey drop. Fabulous views, and great cocktails perked us up again and reminded us why we enjoy travelling.


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Our last day in Sydney

sunny 33 °C

Today we had an early rise..... so tired now!

Firstly we had to re pack all our bags, we have so much baggage to go home with, Ian has done too much shopping - not me this time I confess!!!!! :-)

Currently in Quatas lounge, travelling to Bangkok now! Feeling quite tired, will get a good sleep on the plane.

We had a marvellous day in Sydney, the weather was perfect. A place is always so much nicer when you have great weather. There was not a cloud in the sky. Hmmmmm wish I had a few days more to spend in Sydney.

We went on a sea plane today which took us around the city. Got some nice photos from the sky. It seems weird though landing in water. Definately recommend this to anyone going to Sydney - expensive but worth doing, for sure.



We then went back to our Sushi Restaurant & the head chef remembered us - a face never to be forgotton perhaps........ the food was yummy!!!! This is another must if heading to Sydney and you like Sushi - its called Sushi E.


Finally a bit more shopping, then Ian went up to the bridge and took yet again more photos..... god knows how many photos we have taken on this trip.

So next stop Bangkok.

Speak to you all from Bangkok......

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Back in Sydney

sunny 33 °C

Its now 11pm Sydney time...... and we can now communicate again, been lost without the phone...... first thing I did when I landed in Sydney was to call mum.

Today has been busy, spa treatments all morning, packing bags again, Ian then did a little bit more snorkelling - he seen Rays, giant clams etc said the water was very clear.

We had a nice big lunch to set us off for our long journey. We departed Lizard Island on a private plane, then a long flight from Cairns to Sydney & we are back in the Park Hyatt now. We got a great photo of Lizard Island from the plane - it looks like paradise...


Its to be very sunny & hot tomorrow, which is great news. We are taking a sea plane which will take us round the City of Sydney looking forward to that - then the plane drops your off for lunch at a restaurant I have booked, how cool is that? hopefully get some more good snaps.

Ian is off out taking some more photos AGAIN of Sydney at night - he loves his photos!!!!!!


So tomorrow evening around this time we are heading off for Bangkok for 3 nights - looking forward to going back to Bangkok, we have both been 3 times already, but there is always so much to see and do there. We will also get to see Wichan and his family again on Saturday which I am really looking forward to.

Not long until we are home now....... and then we will be on the move into our new house, life is never dull with us!


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Lizard Island

A little Paradise

sunny 35 °C

Last night we had a fantastic meal, the seafood platter was huge, dont think we have eat as much Seafood in one go before - including a couple of lobsters, served on the beach whilst watching the sun go down with a bottle of champagne to wash it down. It was delicious!!!


Today was the most relaxing day we have had all holiday & in a way I think we needed it, we have been so busy during this vacation!

The weather conditions have been perfect whilst on the Island.

We went out just the two of us in a little boat. Firstly we stopped at a little deserted island & by deserted I mean only us........ Ian did a little snorkelling whilst I bathed in the sun having to dip into the water every now and then to cool myself down.


We then left the island and sailed to yet another deserted island. Its amazing - this island was better as it was not so rocky. I prepared lunch which was provided & it was very yummy!!!!!! We had lunch on our little boat, then did somemore snorkelling. Ian also decided to feed the fish & birds, I dare not to tell you what happened to the poor seagull though when it flew off with an entire chicken leg in its beak!!!!! :-))))))))))


Oh and you should have seen my attempt at trying to steer the boat........ so funny - we kept going round in circles. We'll upload some of these photos tomorrow once we get a chance to download them from the camera.

We then came back, had a little snooze & I forgot we were booked in for a facial each. So had to get up and go to the spa, huh its a hard life - not. During the facial - Ian insisted on snoring his head off!!!!!!!!! and then we got into fits of laughter in the way that when you start, you cannot stop!!!!

Just thinking to myself today, this time next week we shall be back at work......

Tomorrow just going to sit by the pool read our books and again we are booked in for more spa treatments. The spa here is really good.

We then fly back to Sydney in the evening. Hopefully the weather will be nicer in Sydney and we shall be able to get some nice photos of clear skies......

Now off to watch a presentation on the great barrier reef, followed by cocktails and dinner....

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