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Lizard Island - Continued

After the Diving

sunny 36 °C

Lots of photos taken today both above and underwater - but unfortunately there is no way to upload them here :-(

We did two and a bit dives today, both of the big dives were on the outer barrier reef - the first at the cod hole, and the second at another site further in.

The first mini dive we did however was just a refresher, in the bay just near the resort, to remind us of how to do the basics, after that it was onto the boat for the trip to the outer reef.


The trip out was uneventful, and Angela slept most of the way after taking sea sickness tablets. The dive was fairly shallow, at a maximum depth of 14m and we were down for around 45mins. We settled at the bottom and were immediately surrounded by some large and very friendly potato cod - not really cod, but large Groupers, with big blubbery lips.


They were so friendly and allowed you to pat them, and kept swimming around and gently bumping into you to remind you they were there.


We then slowly went along the wall of the reef looking at the many fish and corals that were there. Apart from the potato cod, which didn't leave us alone for the entire time, we saw some giant clams - around 1m across, and many normal small reef fish. We also saw a large - @2m long- white tip reef shark, but (unfortunately?) it didn't come close enough to photograph.

Lunch on the boat was lovely, with large tiger prawns, smoked salmon, roast chicken, ham, salami, tomato and mozzarella salad, humous, cheese and biscuits and chocolate brownies and a fresh fruit salad. We also didn't have to do anything as the crew looked after our every need.

After lunch and a gentle cruise to the next site, it was down under the water again for our next dive. There were not many large fish this time, however there were lots of smaller ones, and there was far more coral here, as the reef was more sheltered. We saw a lion fish, star fish, clown fish in their nest (like Nemo from Finding Nemo), sea cucumbers, and a whole load of others we couldn't identify.


This dive was finished up with more chocolate brownies and soft drinks while we then headed back to shore with Dolphins jumping alongside the boat.
The underwater camera casing has proved its worth, and was definitely a good investment, although I think that next time Angela will want to take a hairbrush with her - just wait for the photos - the ultimate in flyaway hair.


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Lizard Island

We have now arrived at Lizard Island (an Island within the Great Barrier Reef) We flew from Cairns on a small private plane, just us and the pilot! We got amazing views whilst travelling into the reef.


We went out for a sunset wine & cheese cruise last night which was nice, we managed to see all the coral and reef as the boat had a glass bottom.


We then had a nice dinner, but no more wine as we had drunk too much champers on the boat!!!!


We have been bitten alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at least in Ayres Rock the flies did not bite, ugh!!!!

Seen lots of Lizards already about the place.


Today we are going a full days diving on the barrier reef and hope to see the potatoe cod.

Oh forgot to tell you about the "fab" meal (not) we had in Cairns, ha ha. I choose it from Guide Book - called Fishlips and oh my goodness I cannot believe we ate in that place, it was awful! We even seen a cockroach!!!!!!!!! Ugh Ian did not tell me until afterwards that he seen this, luckily enough or I would have been out of there in a shot. Just shows you, never listen to what the guide books say all the time, in future use personal recommendations.....

Cairns itself was quite nice however


Oh well off to get breakfast before we go diving.

Tomorrow we have our own sailing boat, organised a picnic and going to a private island, which should be good. Hmmmm wonder how Ians sailing skills will be, considering he has only done it a few times in the past.

We also have lots of spa treatments booked for Wednesday, mmmm I am looking forward to this - a full days worth......

Hope you are all well.

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The Red Centre

Flies and more flies - and its hot, hot, hot!!!!

sunny 46 °C

Today is our second day in Uluru, formerly called Ayer's Rock in the very heart of the Australian Outback.


After arriving yesterday in the middle of the day, we did a tour out to Uluru, the Aboriginal Cultural Centre and then to a waterhole called Multijulu which is apparently where some giant evil lizard thing did something nasty to the Aborigines (called the Anangu here) during the dreamtime and ran all over the rock causing the shape. Unfortunately the Anangu won't tell anyone who isn't one of them any of the detail of anything, beyond what they would tell a 4 year old, which makes their whole system of beliefs sounds fairly crazy - it probably isn't but as they won't tell us....

After that we came back to our luxury camp for a dinner under the stars which was amazing. Excellent food (in line with our usual trend) and the an after dinner talk from an astronomer, who brought with him some powerful telescopes. We saw Venus, the rings of Saturn, and a number of deep space objects, none of which we would have seen elsewhere as the skies here are so clear of light pollution. Angela was particularly taken with Saturn, and the close up of the surface of the moon.

Today, Ian had an early start - a 5.00am rise for a dawn trek to see the sunrise at Uluru. Angela had an important appointment with the duvet, and was unable to make it. The sunrise was quite incredible, with the rock colours changing every few minutes as the sun's intensity grew. After the walk it was back to base camp for a hearty breakfast (someone was still sleeping - guess who), so Ian had breakfast with a quartet of NYC lassies instead. Eventually Angela turned up and the conversation turned to restuarants in New York ready for our upcoming trip there later this year.


This evening was another tour to Uluru, visiting a number of aboriginal caves, seeing more cave paintings, and getting some of the background to the way they live their lives, before having a bottle of champagne near the rock watching the sunset.

We leave Voyages Longitude 131 tomorrow to head for Cairns, where we hope to get decent internet access and the ability to upload photos and the like. So more tomorrow...


We forgot to say - our overwhelming memories of the red centre will be based around the heat and the rock, but most of all - the flies... wait to see the photos as we had to wear veils most of the time to keep the blighters away...

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Ayres Rock

We are now here in Ayres Rock (the middle of nowhere!!!!)

Flight was very turbulent, infact quite scary, but thankfully we landed safetly with an amazing view to our right of Ayres Rock.

Its very hot here again, and there is flies everywhere. We are having to wear fly nets, wow, how attractive is that? I dont care, anything to keep those blasted flies off my face!!!!! Did not realise flies were a problem here......


Hotel very very nice indeed. All Food and Alchohol is included, it is classed as a six star hotel. All the rooms are tents, with electronic curtains with Ayres Rock right in front of your very eyes!

Already we have only been here a few hours and it is amazing, how the rock changes colour so frequently.

We went a walk to a waterfall, seen the culture centre and actually seen an abroginal person this afternoon.


Tonight we are dining under the stars - its meant to be quite a good evening.

Anyone reading this, I would be greatful if you have a moment if you could record Crufts tonight - Thursday & on Sunday evening for BIS - much appreciated!!!!!!

Tomorrow early rise of 5am, not too excited about that.

Speak later.

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Leaving Perth.......

To Ayres Rock

Currently in the Quantas lounge waiting to depart for our flight to Ayres Rock, I love being able to have access to the lounge, makes the wait for your flight much more comfortable & have unlimited internet access, yippee, where were we the days before internet?

Well we have really enjoyed our time here in Perth, despite the hot heat. In all honesty I do not think I have ever been anywhere quite so hot!!!!!!

We had another nice day again yesterday, we visited Freemantle also known as Freo. We visited the harbour, the ship wreck museum, the old prision. Very interesting. On way back we stopped off at Costeloe beach, which was a lovely beach.

You have to be so so careful not to fry in this heat, so tried not to stay out too long. We went for a nice swim last night at hotel to cool ourselves down before dinner.

We really love Western Australia, such a relaxed way of life. would love to return and see more of it, and explore the Margaret River etc

Last night we had a lovely dinner at Kings Park & got up to Kings Park on time to see the sun set over the city. Very nice indeed.


We had an early rise this morning.

Will write more from Ayres rock, if we have PC access.

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