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Cuddling Koalas

and meeting the family

Today was a day for cruising around in the hire car, with the aircon on full blast as it was 42C outside, with even the Western Australian's thinking it was a little hot for their liking.

Once we hired the car, we headed up to Hillary's Boat Harbour to the North of Scarborough Beach for breakfast. This is a giant boating marina with lots of cafes and shops and a lovely beach. The acquarium of Western Australia is here as well with lots of weird sealife, such as the deadly blue ringed octopus and lots of sharks.

After that we headed to Caversham Wildlife Park inland from Perth as Angela has had a desire since we planned this trip to cuddle a Koala. The temperature in land was a scorching 45C with no sea breeze to make it even slightly cooler. We saw lots of bizarre Australian wildlife Tasmanian Devils, Wombats, Wallabies and ugly flying foxes - we even fed and stroked a Kangaroo, and eventually cuddled a Koala.



We even saw a koala get lively and agressive and then piddle on the floor - a rare occurance as they normally sleep for 20 hours a day, and don't drink any water - they get all their water from the (pretty dry) eucalyptus leaves they eat.

We then headed into the centre of Perth, driving through Chinatown and the CBD (Central Business District) to get to a beautiful park right in the centre called Kings Park. We had a wander around the park with its fabulous views over the centre of Perth City and down the Swan river, before perfoming some retail therapy in the gift shop.


It was then a drive back to the hotel up the Sunset Coast Highway, with the beach always to the side, to get ready for dinner.

We then headed to Angela's relatives who live out here in Perth for dinner, which was a traditional Aussie Barbie with lots of stubby beers and tasty food. Ian was forced into a pair of shorts and a T-Shirt for the occasion by the Aussies. We had a good laugh. The food was delicious, thanks Tammie for arranging this, it was lovely to see you all again.



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42c in Perth

One extreme to another!!!!!!

Well we finally arrived in Perth yesterday, after a 4 hour flight from Melbourne and its hot hot hot!!!!!! We even seen bush fires in the distance yesterday evening!!! The views from our hotel is amazing.

Last night we had a nice evening sitting on the beach watching the sun go down - the sunset was lovely, then the usual next stop DINNER!!!! Nothing fancy, we are outside Perth located right on the beach (Scarbourgh Beach), so there is not too many restaurants here. Tonight we shall go to family for dinner & then tomorrow our final night we have a nice place booked in the evening - Frasers.


The people here are so nice and so friendly.

Today we are going to hire a car for the next couple of days, so that we can explore the city, visit family this evening, go to Freemantle & go and find the Koala bears!!!!! :-)

We are both feeling very relaxed now which is good.

One thing though, it is a bit bizarre going around Perth in Australia seeing signposts for Stirling Council....... etc ( those of you from Scotland will know why this is bizarre!!!!)

Ok shall speak to you all later, bye bye!!!

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2 Diary Entries in One Day!!!!

Well we are just back from the Great Ocean Road drive & it was fablous. Weather was not great, however we did not let that put a damper on things. Think it is something we are just going to have to accept whilst here, unfortunately, I had to purchase a jumper today!!!!!



We had various stops along the way - Torquay, Anglesea, Lorne, Apollo Bay & finally Port Campbell. The drive had lovely scenery & the 12 apostles, wow - we have some amazing pictures. The road was very windy, however, the little cooper held itself well. Unfortunately every time we put the roof down it rained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



We stopped and had fish and chips in Port Campbell, yummy.

Just back at the hotel, chilling before dinner. Yep, you got it, eating AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Oh well thats what holidays are for.

Tomorrow lunch time we head for Perth, really looking forward to going here, as we have heard so many good things about the place.


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Sorry not been on for a few days, been a hectic few days.

We had a lovely final day in Sydney, where we went to Manly which was a lovely beach. We then went to Darling Harbour, which is really nice. Lots of Restaurants and shops & lovely boats out on the harbour.



We then departed for Melbourne. Upon arrive in Melbourne we checked into the hotel (Park Hyatt) again, and then went straight out for dinner, thanks Meg for the recommendation of Stokehouse in St Kilda, very nice views right across the bay whilst watching the sun going down.

Yesterday (Saturday) was a very busy day for both of us, although we both went our own way & Angela stood Ian up in a restaurant in the evening, ha ha - dont think I will get to live this one down.....

Anyway Ian went around Melbourne, he went through China Town, up to the observation deck, out to Luna Park, and rode a few trams all around Melbourne City.


Whilst, Angela on the other hand had a day full of dogs. I had the pleasure of visiting Anne Okeefe & her lovely cockers. Anne arranged a lovely lunch with other dog breeders - there was 10 of us in total. I enjoyed it greatly. We then visited the National Park and I had the opprtunity to see Kangaroos in the wild with their Joey's. I finally then went to meet my husband for dinner, 2 hours later!!!!! Thanks Anne & Dennis for arranging a wonderful day & we hope to see you in the UK in July :-)))))


Today we have hired a little red mini cooper convertible, and we are driving the great ocean road currently. So far we are having breakfast at a little cafe in Lorne. Will report more tomorrow. But we are quite excited to reach Appollo bay to see the twelve apostles.

Sorry no photos just yet, but the camera is now in working order again.

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Our last day in Sydney

Yesterday we had a fun, but busy day yet again.

We hopped on the commuter ferry to Manly, a lovely little beach, spent the morning there. We then went to an amazing Sushi Bar - Sushi E, wow the sushi here was one of the best sushi bars we have ever been too, would say could be better than Nobu!!!!! Yummy.....

We then went shopping, this time for Ian!!! Normally I buy all his clothes and sometimes they dont fit that great. So I managed to get him in a changing room trying on various items - he ended up coming out with a whole new wardrobe from Ralph Lauren!!! Luckily enough we can get 15% tax back at the airport.

We then visited a few art galleries again & a big wine store at Circular Quay which was fun, but must admit dont really know that must about Oz wines.

In the evening we went to Tetsuyas. Meal was good, excellent presentation, however have to admit it was not as exquisite as anticipated!!

Well this morning, our final morning, we are off up the sky tower - to get some more photos, before heading off on our flight to Melbourne at 3pm.

It has been a lovely time in Sydney, just wish we had more time to spend here.

Speak soon.


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